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Sep 18

rap game u die in the game u die in real life

Sep 15

Anonymous said: how do i summon the fruit druid

*puts hand on ur shoulder* 

dont u see, anon 

the fruit druid 

was in your heart all along 

*fade to black*

Anonymous said: sburban titan can i just sort of touch your cafe



Remember when I used to actually give helpful answers when people asked me things

how dare u come into MY blog, on this the day of my daughter’s wedding,

Anonymous said: Remember when you used to actually give helpful answers when people asked you things? Remember when you were a nice person? Seriously, what happened to you.

what happened??? what hapen?? four letters bruh, F A M E. It changes a man. one thousand tumble followers turns even the most pure artist into an attention whore. I used to be sarcastic for sarcasm’s sake but now my sass stems from the sickness in my soul; your dismay at the disparity between what I am now and what I used to be is what fuels me, what propels me further into madness and self-absorbance. Your perception of me has reached a critical mass and there is no going back. Soon you will question whether this was the real me all along and that maybe nothing had changed and you are only just now seeing the tip of the shit iceberg. Maybe, dear anon, nothing happened to me - but something has happened to YOU„„„„

Sep 14
B U Y  M E  .  …

B U Y  M E  .  …

Anonymous said: You make rad jams just so's you know (as if you didnt already lets not be coy here alright) *fistbump*

*fistbumps* thanks b <3

Sep 13

Anonymous said: q_q


Sep 11

Anonymous said: dude do you have the link to your viva las vegas remix from the strider family vacation video on youtube? i can't find it anywhere and it haunts my dreams~


Sep 9

aloe99 said: hi, i was wondering... what happened to all your old music? :^( like the '1 2 3 4 5 6 7, all the good girls and boys go to heaven.. the cats and dogs may stay behind but as long as u love them they'll be fine' song? it was my fav forever ago and i can't find it :^((( i know its ur music but it was my fav

bruh that wasnt my song lmfao

Sep 5

dunk me to the moon and let me meme among the stars,

Sep 2

Aug 24

saw the greatest license plate ever while in NYC

Aug 20



NEW REMIXXXXXX featuring vocals from Esa!!! Be sure to check out DXEyes’ original, too!!!! Ok thanks have a good day


best astro kid track of 2014 already gonna call it

mmmm #feelin this a lot tonite ye

Aug 18






that aint no pokemon i ever heard of

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