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Jun 13

New Teknedia track, a result of taking part in the 3-hour Challenge (start and finish a track completely from scratch, as well as having other restrictions like not being allowed to use third-party VSTs). It was fun racing against the clock and pushing myself to new limits, I highly recommend placing artificial restrictions on yourself to improve your skills in any art!

Jun 9

new Teknedia track ok thanks bye

Apr 16

hey new Teknedia track, kept it simple as a callback to the kind of stuff I used to write a year and a half ago when I started this project. Just a powerful driving rhythm and then not much else, experimented with some drum vocoding which you can hear in the intro.

Mar 19

new Teknedia track, a relatively minimal but screamy and driving track to get you in that panicky running mood

if you have Steam, vote for Teknedia here to help it get to Greenlight!!

Feb 20

I went back and redid the mixes on the Teknedia tracks that I have up on SoundCloud

Jan 22

i found a project file that i started before going to japan and forgot about, gonna be a teknedia track probably

Jan 20

decided that if i’m not gonna leave the house i might as well be productive. fleshed out the rest of the song clips I posted earlier. still needs a few tweaks but it’s close to completion.

probably gonna make this a Teknedia track

Oct 27

new Teknedia WIP?????

Oct 10

new Teknedia track biptchessssss (that’s the video game I’m doing the soundtrack for)

(super proud of this because all of the sounds that aren’t percussion was made on the microKORG)

Jun 24

more video from last Thursday. This one is a live mashup of the Teknedia track Warpspeed and the Homestuck remix Skaian Starstorm.

Once again, visuals by Pollyck and video taken by Rachel!

Jun 22

another video from last night!!! this is Lightspeed from the Teknedia OST that I am working on.

once again, visuals by Pollyck, video taken by Rachel!

May 25

Ok here are a couple of things which are new (one is only sort of new) and are for the videogame.

This is a work in progress, haven’t even added the hats or anything substantial yet but it’s going in the right direction I think. I haven’t thought of a title for it either, woopsh.

This one is a re-upload of a song I had already made, I made some very minor edits to it. The little fanfare thing (it’s not a drop, I’m not sure how to describe it??) at 2:23 is still one of my most favorite things that I’ve ever written. Don’t skip ahead to it though, I think the patience of the first half is a really great buildup to that payoff.

If you like these songs, be sure to check out the other songs I’ve made for the game, and stay tuned for news on the game’s release and the soundtrack!

(PS vote for me)

May 19

alright wow so new song. creepy crawlie spooky scary stuff, for Teknedia.

Ok so continuing with the whole re-uploading of newer drafts onto my SoundCloud, here is an update on Warpspeed, which is a self-remix of Lightspeed; both are tracks to be included in the Teknedia OST. This was probably the first time I legitimately tried my hand at wubs.

Let me know what you think!!

May 15

So I haven’t posted original stuff in a little while

so here’s a thing I did a while back

it’s for that one videogame that I’m doing the soundtrack for. It’s not downloadable since it’ll be released on my Bandcamp once the game is out and stuff and things.

anyways enjoy

("Dissolve" by Astro Kid)

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